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Helpful Hints
Helpful hints to access JMC Online information at Nashua-Plainfield Schools.

To log on type in your username as assigned by the Nashua-Plainfield Schools in the user name box. Your user name is your last name. Then enter the password you have supplied to the Nashua-Plainfield Schools and click Sign In.

The next screen will show you are at Online Parent page. You will have access to 4 choices:

  • Attendance Report
  • Report Card
  • Progress Reports/Lesson Plans
  • Parent Information

Please click the Parent Information button and check the information for accuracy. Please add your email address in the appropriate place. Once all corrections and additions have been made, click Submit.

  • Please note that the changes will take place only after office personnel authorize the changes. The changes and additions you make will not be immediately available.

For your child in school you will be able to access their Attendance report that is kept as a part of the office records. By clicking Attendance Report you will see your child's current record. Each absence is reported by period at the high school level or part of the day at the middle school. A coding system at the bottom of the page explains how each absence is recorded.

By clicking Report Card your student's current year report card is displayed. All grades are entered at the close of each quarter for the classes your child is enrolled in.

In the Progress Reports/Lesson Plans area you will have access to your student's latest teacher published grades for each class your student is enrolled in. To access, click the button for the current quarter next to the class you wish to review grades. If a teacher has not published grades yet this quarter a note will be displayed, otherwise the last published percent, grade and assignment scores for the class will be displayed. A note may appear at the top of the page indicating a student has missing assignments. If a teacher wishes to make available assignment information or notes to parents they may post information in the Lesson Plan area.

As a security precaution, once you have completed your inspection of your student's grades you should exit the JMC On-Line page and then QUIT your Internet browser to prevent unauthorized access to your student's grades. It has been found by not quitting the browser, even though you Sign Off the JMC On-line, the log on information is still held in the history and access to the student's data can still happen. Restarting your computer after your session is also a good idea.

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