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On-Line Student Information System

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Directions for Accessing the
JMC Parent On-Line Student Information

Go to the Nashua-Plainfield website

Along the left side of any of the main pages click on the JMC On-Line button

This will take you to the main JMC On-Line Access page

Click on the Parents On-Line Access link

On the JMC log in screen

  • Enter your user name
    • This will be the last name of the person listed as the primary contact.

  • Enter your password
    • This will be the password you supplied to the school.

  • Please note: When you have signed off of your student's records, make sure you quit the Internet browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape, etc.). We have found by not quitting the browser that, even though a person signs off, log on information is kept in the history and access to a student's records is still available without the need to log in. As an additional precaution, restarting your computer after your session never hurts either.

Guidelines for choosing a password

Because of the confidential nature of the information to which this password provides access, it is essential that you use great care in selecting a password and keeping it safe. Do not provide this password to anyone you do not want to have access to your student's records.

  • Passwords must be between 4 and 8 characters
  • Letters and numbers may be used in combination
  • No punctuation marks, spaces or special characters may be used
  • All letters will be lower case. No capital letters..

If you desire to have access and have not yet supplied the school with a password, please download the form by clicking the link below to download it to your computer and return the completed form to one of the school offices.

Password submission form
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

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