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General Information
Dear Parents:

Starting with the 2004-05 school year, the Nashua-Plainfield School District has switched over our student information system to a web-based product called JMC. Several factors went into the decision to make the switch from the previous information system we had been using for several years.

The most compelling reason for the changeover was that JMC is web-based which provides several access advantages for teachers and parents:

  • Teachers enter assignments, scores and grades directly into the system.
    • They no longer have to figure grades by some other means and then either enter the grade onto a report card by hand or someone else enter the information into the grading system.
  • Reporting can become more automated.
    • Mid-term progress reports can be quickly and more easily compiled within the system instead of the hand sorting we had to do before.
  • Information from teachers to parents can easily be emailed from within the JMC system directly to parents with email accounts.

  • Parents can have web-access to their students' grades and attendance records through a secure, password-protected login.
    • As soon as teachers enter grades on assignments and publish, that information becomes available to parents.
As the district worked through the initial setup and the inevitable training that comes with any new system, we have had the anticipated unexpected glitches to overcome. Most of those have been resolved and we are excited about the next phase in the process and that is getting the parent access module up and running. We have been testing the parent module and are pleased with the information to which the parents will have access. Please note that grade and assignment information for students in Grades 5-12 only will be available at this time.

We plan to make the Parent Module available on Thursday, January 13, 2005. For the school to roll out that module and for parents to gain access, we will need your cooperation. On another page there is a form to return back to the school. On this form you will be asked to choose your desired password for gaining access to the parent module. Please carefully read and follow the guidelines for choosing your password. Please follow the directions for returning this form.

Security is an issue because of the sensitive nature of the information this password gives access. Lost or forgotten passwords will be given or changed only by coming to the school in person. This assures the school that the correct person is getting the password.

Also, please find directions for accessing the parent module of JMC. In our testing, they were easy to follow but if you should have difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact the school office for assistance. They will direct your call to the appropriate person to help you with your problem.

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Date Last Modified: Wed, Jan 5, 2005
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