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Mrs. Cindy Borske
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Biology provides an understanding of the relationships of living things and their life processes. Topics covered include: cells, genetics, natural selection, infectious diseases, and ecology. Lab activities and internet projects will provide students with the opportunity to explore, appreciate and understand the concepts covered. This is a class designed for the student interested in pursuing a career in a science related field, health sciences, or preparing to go to college. Information is a organized into the context of larger unifying concepts such as environmental, community, and human health.

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General Science 

General Science will focus on the areas of environmental science, recycling, hazardous waste disposal, household and workplace chemistry, human genetics, plant life cycles, pigments, and related current issues. Class time will be primarily hands-on investigations, Internet activities, and group discussion. This class is intended for students who are not intending to pursue further science courses.

Horticulture I

Course work will include an introduction to horticulture terms and careers. Students will study how plants grow, propagation, greenhouse care, and design. Study will also include design and construction of a variety of plant and floral projects. Students will also study biotechnology applications of growing plants through cloning and tissue culturing as well as developing hydroponic experiments.  

Horticulture II

Introduction to horticulture terms and careers will be included. Students will conduct see propagation, identification of landscape position, planning and management. Students will develop plans for management of vegetable gardens. Students will study the effect of climate and light on plants and apply this knowledge to planning and construction of landscapes.

Anatomy & Physiology

 This class is designed for the student interested in learning more about the human body and its systems. It is an introductory course directed toward those students interested in a career in health related fields, and those that would like to pursue a career in physical education and/or coaching.

Advanced Biology

This course is offered by Iowa State University for college credit. The format is lectures delivered over the Internet. Various homework assignments will need to be completed and sent back via E-mail. Tests are taken at school and submitted over the Internet. There are 2 levels to this course, one for non-biology majors and one for biology majors, which has a 2nd course option, so a student majoring in Biology could receive 6 hours of credit toward their major. A non-biology major could receive 3 hours of credit toward their graduation requirements from college. This course is self-paced and self-directed. Since there is no set meeting time during the school day, students are responsible for meeting homework and test deadlines.


Mr. Ben Kalainoff
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Chemical Concepts


 Chemical concepts will provide students with the opportunity to explore, appreciate and understand some of the basic concepts in Chemistry. These include density, atomic theory, periodic table, kinetic model, chemical reactions, heat, and solution chemistry.

Physical Concepts

Physical Concepts will provide students with the opportunity to explore, appreciate, and understand some of the basic concepts in Physics. These include motion, forces, machines, electricity, magnetism, pressure, and wave energy. Students will work cooperatively in groups of 2-3 to perform hand-on investigations 3-4 times a week. Data collected from these experiments will be discussed, analyzed, graphed and interpreted. Labs are expected to be completed during class time with a minimal number of out of class assignments.



Chemistry will improve the student's knowledge about the properties of matter language of chemistry, problem solving, formula and equation writing, structure of matter acids, bases and salts. Laboratory work and experiments are included to help understand the class work.

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The course will present some of the concepts of the Physical world by using hands-on lab activities, computer-graphical interfaced labs, demonstrations, problem solving and discussion. Exploration, concept development and application will be strongly emphasized throughout the course. Areas that will be covered include straight-line motion, momentum, projective motion, historical development of the natural laws relating to the earth and astronomy, sound light, nuclear power, electricity, and magnetism.


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