School Calendar

Husky Music Club Members (as of November 1, 2015)

Mozart ($200+)
Paige and Tim Malven
Sandra and Alan Lamborn
Jan and Randy Strabala

Beethoven ($150)
Aaron and Chris Bottorff

Chopin ($100)
Tori and Jeff Ulrichs
Terry and Vonnie Shannon
Nathaniel and Amy Sinnwell
Gary and Rhonda Poppe
Dean and Sherri Lines
Ron and Jenice Ulrichs

Brahms ($75)
Scott Stroud

Gershwin ($50)
Tracy and Scott McGregor
Pat and Christy Pierce
Unggoy Broadband, LLC

Bach ($25)
Randy and Shawn Fisher
Mark and Briana Brunner
Dean Janssen and Claudia Kutzbach
Bob and Vicky Kukral
Mike and Kim Jenison
Shawn and Diane Murphy
Lori and Steve Lee