Upcoming Events
Sub-Districts: February 25
District Convention: March 7th
Officer Elections: March
Alumni Meeting: March
Banquet March:
State Conventions: April 19th-21st

Calendar of Events
Officers and FFA Meeting
Sheep Weigh-in for fairs
Officers and FFA Meeting
State Floriculture Contest
State Nursery Contest
State Ag Mechanics Contest
Water Over the Dam Days
State Horse Judging
Officer Leadership Training
Iowa Agriculture Youth Institute
Washington Leadership Conference
Officers and FFA Meeting
Butler County Fair
Chickasaw County Fair
Floyd County Fair
District Livestock Judging
District Meats Judging
Kirkwood Livestock Judging
Officers Meeting
Family Picnic/FFA Meeting
Bremer County Fair
State Livestock Judging
State Meat Judging
State Fair
Officers and FFA Meeting
Big 4 Fair
District and Dairy Products Contest
State Dairy and Dairy Products Contest
Guttenberg Judging
PALS Begins
Greenhand and Chapter Degree Installation
FFA Meeting
District Soils Contest
Greenhand Fire-Up
State Soils Contest
Modern Day Me Conference
National FFA Leadership Conference
Officers and FFA Meeting
Fruit Sales Begins
Officers and FFA Meeting
Winter Ball
Delivery of Fruit
Fruit Incentive Party
Beef Weigh-In for fairs
Officers and FFA Meeting
State FFA Degrees Due
Officers and FFA Meeting
Officer Elections
Profincency Awards Due
National FFA Week
Sub-District FFA Contests
Legislative Symposium
Officers Meeting
FFA Awards Banquet
Experience the Action
Ag Issues and Perceptions
District FFA Leadership Contests
Officers and FFA Meeting
State FFA Leadership Conference
State FFA Leadership Contest
State Farm Business Management and Ag Sales
National Band and Chorus Applications Due
Swine Weigh-in for fairs