Expectations and Responsibilities
1) As a member of the Nashua-Plainfield Golf Squad, you are representing our high school, the golf team, and myself. Anything that will make a poor impression of our school and embarrass our golf team WILL NOT be tolerated under any circumstances.
2) You will use proper golf etiquette at all times. We will go over proper etiquette in our practices. You will be expected to abide by the etiquette of golf regardless of what other players are doing.
3) You need to have a working knowledge of the rules of golf. The rules are there to help as well as penalize. Ignorance is no excuse. Rules books can be ordered. Talk to me about getting one.
4) Golf is the only sport where the competitors are their own referees. It is a sport that promotes and expects the utmost in honesty and integrity of its participants.
5) Attendance at school is a top priority. You will be at school and get your class work done on time. The attendance rule for golf – you must be in school the entire 5th period through the end of the day to be eligible to practice and play in meets. Other circumstances that will cause you not to be in school the prescribed time must be discussed with Coach Trost prior to the absence happening.
1) Time – Practice starts promptly at 3:30 and lasts until at least 5:30.
2) You will be at practice. Unexcused absences could result in your dismissal from the team.
3) There will be a place at the club for you to sign in each day you practice or play at the club. You will sign in before you begin play.
4) As a member of the golf squad, you have playing privileges at the Nashua Town and Country Club during the golf season, including weekends.
1) You are responsible for your own clubs.
2) I suggest you have the following available in case of bad weather:
                  a. rain gear
                  b. towel
                  c. winter gloves or mittens
                  d. stocking cap
3) Iowa High School golf has a "Soft Spikes only" rule.
Golf Meets
1) I will choose who plays in meets. I will base my decision on the following:
                  a. past scores in meets
                  b. qualifying rounds
                  c. practice attendance
                  d. attitude and behavior (both in school and on the course)
2) Golf balls will be supplied for meets.
3) We will leave at the set departure time. Make sure you are ready to go at that time. We will depart from the east side of the weight room along Greeley Street.
4) You will be expected to be dressed neatly and appropriately for our meets.
5) Head wear – Caps, visors, etc. will promote either Nashua-Plainfield or a golf related company (Nike, Taylor Made, Calloway, Titleist, etc.). Head wear promoting other things, even colleges such as Iowa State, UNI, or Iowa, will not be worn during golf, this means practice and meets. You will not be asked to take it off. YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE.