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New Employee Documents

1. State of Iowa Criminal History Record Check Request Form
  • Complete information in the box
  • Sign and date waiver in the middle
2. Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
  • Complete section 1, including signature and date
  • Copy of driver's license and social secruity card. (Other acceptable forms of documents can be found on page 9.)
3. Ethnicity and Race Identification
  • Complete top line, identify ethnicity (question 1), and identify race (question 2).
4. Form W-4
  • Complete items 1-7 and be sure to put allowances on line
  • Sign and date
5. Centralized Employee Regitry Reporting Form (IA W-4)
  • Fill out "Employee Information"
  • Complete items 1-7 with total allowances on line 6
  • Sign and date
6. Direct Deposit Authorization (Required)
  • Complete bank "Account Information" for payroll deposit
  • Provide e-mail address
  • Sign and date