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Nashua-Plainfield Music Boosters

Music Club Officers
President- Vicky Kukral
Vice-President- Jill Stille
Secretary- Kirsten Levi
Treasurer- Christy Pierce
Football Stand Chair-Kim Reints and Carmen O'Neill
Fair Stand Chair- Deanna Gerholdt

What do the music boosters do?
The Nashua-Plainfield Music Boosters are a long-standing group formed to provide additional funding for our music programs. Our group includes all parents of Nashua-Plainfield music students. Over the years, we have helped to fund everything from musical instruments to marching bands shows. We have purchased a much needed Featherlite marching band trailer and an acoustical shell for vocal music. We provide the use of musical instruments to students who are unable to afford one of their own. We are currently raising money for a new digital piano for the middle school and a drum set for the high school

The N-P Husky Music Club
As cost rise, we are finding it difficult to meet the demands of the ongoing needs of our music programs. That is why we are introducing the N-P Husky Music Club. This club will be for family members, friends, and community businesses that would like to join us in supporting our music students. If you would like to join, please help us out at one of the following annual membership levels:

Any donations of any size are appreciated. Any individual or business donation the $25.00 and above will be listed in all concert programs for the school year as a way of saying thank you. Provide us with your name as you would like it to appear. Please make checks payable to the "N-P Music Boosters" and send to:
N-P Husky Music Club
Tracy McGregor
1065 250th St.
Nashua,IA 50658

The Nashua-Plainfield Huskies pride themselves on excellence in the field of music, whether it be earning a Division "I" rating at contest or performing a concert for family and friends. Please join us in helping them to achieve success in their music while promoting success in their future. Thank you for your support!