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N-P Teacher Leadership and Collaboration Program (TLC)

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In the Spring of 2016, the Nashua-Plainfield School District was awarded Iowa's Teacher Leadership and Compensation (TLC) Grant.  This grant rewards effective teachers with leadership opportunities.  Through this program, teachers will receive more support and opportunities for teacher collaboration.  This will allow all teachers to learn from each other.  Improving student learning requires improving the instruction they receive on a daily basis.  The new TLC program will allow this to happen by allowing our teachers to lead the process. Last Spring, all teachers had the opportunity to apply for Professional Learning Communities leadership and instructional coaching positions. The grant specified that any teacher applying for a position was required to have at least three years of experience and have worked in the district for one year.  Through a rigorous application and interview process, the Nashua-Plainfield District TLC Selection Committee (led by school administrators, teachers and community members), hired the districts new teacher leaders for the 2017-2018 school year and again for the 2018-2019 school year. 
Teachers selected for a leadership position will maintain that role for one year.  They will then be evaluated (by administration) and may have the opportunity to reapply for that position or another position.

To find out who the Nashua-Plainfield Teacher Leaders are, click on the District Teacher Leaders page!

TLC Vision
In order to positively impact student learning and ensure quality instruction in every classroom, we will facilitate professional collaboration among all staff.

Our TLC Vision will enable that our students to be prepared to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.  Our program focuses on five goals:
1)  To Improve student achievement
2)  To promote collaboration
3)  To reward professional growth and effective teaching
4)  To retain effective teachers
5)  To attract promising new teachers by offering a competitive salary