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PLC (Professional Learning Communities) LEADERS
PLC Leaders will guide PLC teams in studying student achievement data and instructional strategies, support teachers by engaging in peer observations, and collaborate on the planning and facilitation of professional development. Our TLC PLC Leaders are Amy Chester, Kellie Kueker, Scott Stroud, Sarah Sudol, Jennifer Kalainoff, Ben Kalainoff, Levi Miller, Chaya Feldman, and Crystal Moore.

According to Sweeney (2011) Student Centered Coaching is about setting specific targets for students that are rooted in the standards and then working collaboratively with teachers to ensure that the targets are met.  This is accomplished through 6-week, on-going coaching cycles throughout the school year.  Key points: collaborative (with teachers), student learning focused, data-driven, on-going, and non-evaluative.  Our instructional coaches are Mrs. Kristi Hannemann and Mrs. Suzy Turner.

Keith Turner, Superintendent
Scott Striegel, 7-12 Principal
Michelle Arneson, K-6 Principal