Our TLC Coordinator is Mr. Scott Stroud.  The duties of the TLC Coordinator are:
-Help oversee the implementation of TLC and collaborate with administration, Mentor Teachers, Model Teachers, and PLC Leaders
-Help with building professional development initiatives
-Help manage the TLC budget
-Help coordinate TLC trainings, purchase orders, and work logs
-Be the TLC publicist
-Help facilitate District Leadership Committee meetings

Mr. Stroud teaches the Junior High Band Class and the High School Band program.

The purpose of the mentor program is to provide support for both new teachers to the profession and new teachers to our district.
Our TLC Mentor Teachers are Mrs. Chaya Feldman, Mrs. Jill Kalvig and Mrs. Jenna Miller.  The duties of Mentor Teachers are:
-Orient new teachers to our district procedures, policies and Initial Teaching License requirements
-Meet on a regular and frequent basis with new teachers and teachers new to our district
-Provide coaching and instructional support for mentees
-Meet with the District Leadership Team to coordinate leadership efforts to improve instruction
-Attend appropriate trainings

Mrs. Feldman teaches High School Language Arts.
Mrs. Kalvig teaches PreK-6 PE and 3-6 TAG.
Mrs. Miller is the 4-12 At-Risk Interventionist.


Model Teachers will lead the way in implementing initiatives by designing exemplar lessons and units, inviting teachers to observe their instruction, and share professional resources.
Our TLC Model Teachers are Mr. Ben Kalainoff and Mrs. Sarah Sudol.  The duties of Model Teachers are:

-Learn and share new teaching strategies
-Present professional development over new teaching strategies
-Be available for teachers to visit their classroom to view new teaching strategies (videos will be available for teachers to view as well).  Model Teachers will help teachers reflect on the new teaching strategies.
-Model Teachers will visit classrooms to see all teachers using the new teaching strategies.
-Meet with the District Leadership Team to coordinate leadership efforts to improve instruction
-Attend appropriate trainings

Mr. Kalainoff teaches High School Science and Project Lead The Way
Mrs. Sudol teaches 1st Grade

PLC (Professional Learning Communities) LEADERS
PLC Leaders will guide PLC teams in studying student achievement data and instructional strategies, support teachers by engaging in peer observations, and collaborate on the planning and facilitation of professional development. Our TLC PLC Leaders are Ms. Karli Avenson, Mrs. Stephanie Bochmann, Mrs. Amy Chester, Mrs. Jennifer Kalainoff, Ms. Kelli Kuker, Mr. Levi Miller, and Mrs. Crystal Moore.  The duties of PLC Leaders are:
-Facilitate professional learning communities
-Collaborate with model and mentor teachers
-Analyze district data to ensure efforts support student achievement
-Maintain required professional learning community logs
-Lead evaluation of professional learning to ensure effectiveness
-Meet with the District Leadership Team to coordinate leadership efforts to improve instruction
-Attend appropriate trainings

According to Sweeney (2011) Student Centered Coaching is about setting specific targets for students that are rooted in the standards and then working collaboratively with teachers to ensure that the targets are met.  This is accomplished through 6-week, on-going coaching cycles throughout the school year.  Key points: collaborative (with teachers), student learning focused, data-driven, on-going, and non-evaluative.  Our instructional coaches are Mrs. Kristi Hannemann and Mrs. Suzy Turner.

Randy Strabala, Superintendent
Scott Striegel, 7-12 Principal
Michelle Arneson, K-6 Principal