Golf Fitness
Even though the game of golf is not as cardiovascular as some of the other sports, a level of fitness is needed to play the game at a high level. No, golfers don't do sprinting. But during a 9 hole round of golf, you walk close to 3 miles on hilly terrain carrying a golf bag over 20 pounds. By the time you get to some of your shots, your heart rate has elevated considerably. You now have to pull off the shot. Fatigue, especially in the legs, plays a dramatic role in being able to hit quality golf shots, especially late in the round. And the role that fatigue plays in the mental side of the game is important. When you are tired, you don't make as good of decisions or you don't stay as mentally engaged in each and every shot.

Therefore, fitness levels need to be addressed and worked on to be able to PLAY YOUR BEST.

In this section, you will find links to videos that will allow you to both assess your fitness level and also some videos explaining some exercises to strengthen and enhance your golf fitness.